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Safety has always been an important matter for us, and it becomes more important in this difficult time that has impacted everyone in many different ways. Sailing is a very safe way to enjoy the sea without the risks of going to beach (no crowds, no sand) and we are getting prepared for whenever you are ready to come and sail with us.

Your safety comes first, that is why we have many new procedures to make our catamaran a safe environment for you:

– Permanent and continuous cleaning and sanitizing.

– Social distance between our passengers and crew.

– Crew equipped with masks, protective visor and gloves.

– hydro-alcoholic gel available for our passengers.

– Mandatory use of mask for every passengers.

– Reduced capacity if it’s necessary.

– Sanitary bin for disposal of used masks and gloves.

All these measurements will be continuous reviewed and adapted as the pandemic evolves in order to maintain the higher safety standards.


Recommendations for you:


– Use your mask every time you can’t assure the minimum social distance.

– We will have a sanitary bin for disposal of used masks and gloves if you need to throw them, please DO NOT throw them under any circumstance into the ocean.

– Keep your personal belongings always with you, if its necessary we can provide you a bag where you can put them.

– Do not borrow personal items to strangers such as sun cream, sunglasses, towels, etc.

– Avoid social contact like shaking hands.

– Avoid touching your face and wash your hands at least every 2 hours (if its not possible use hands sanitizer).

– Keep yourself hydrate and protect form the sun to avoid sunburn, summer can be really hot here and specially wearing masks and gloves.

– Do not share drinks, cutlery and avoid eating from the same plate with other people.

– If you feel any symptom stay at home, you can safe many lives and prevent spread.

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